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Joseph Purkey

(931) 486-1414

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Our office: Anytime Monday - Sunday. We will work 7 days a week!

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Floor Installations

IT Will Shine Floors removal and installations are another one of our specialties that we take great pride in and enjoy doing. Every house is different and so is every floor. You really don't know what you are getting into until the old floor is ripped out. There could be a need for a new sub-floor to be installed or what about bacteria removal. To get the most excellent job done you need to be in the "know". We will discuss what needs to be done through the whole process, so that your involvement keeps you in the "know" and makes you feel good about what is being done. Nothing and we mean "Nothing" is done without your permission, so you are not surprised, when it's time to pay for the job you expected. You will know that everything had been done professionally.

          We participate in Maury,Williamson and Brentwood areas.